Hasta la Vino - Slider -7 reasons why to move to LA

So you’re thinking about moving to LA? Well I don’t blame you. After we took a life changing trip to Europe we thought the exact same thing.  We carefully weighed the pros/cons of a few of our favorite cities, and ultimately picked Los Angeles. And I can honestly say, from the moment we landed we haven’t looked back since! Below are just 7 of the reasons why we moved to LA.. and you should too.

Oh and if you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

  1.  You’re more interested in enjoying life now, than saving every last penny so that maybe “one day” you can enjoy life. I can guarantee you are making it out to be a lot more difficult in your head than it actually is.
  2. Because you can experience all of the U.S. In 1 state.
    • Do you prefer the snow/mountains? There is less than a 3 hour drive to Big Bear.
    • Hot climate? The Valley gets up to 100 degrees in the summer.
    • Do you feel complete while lounging on the beach, and love the beach city vibe? Manhattan Beach or Santa Monica might be for you.
    • Do you like the Glitz & Glam and city lights? Hello, Weho! West Hollywood is calling your name.
    • How about a view of both the mountains AND the ocean? You definitely haven’t lived until you have driven up PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to Malibu.
    • Lastly, how about a laid-back neighborhood feel, minutes from the ocean and a short drive to the night life action? Well that’s what we ultimately decided on. Welcome to the Westside! (meaning west of the 405)

    Needless to say, whatever your cup of tea may be, you are sure to find it in LA. If you don’t mind paying a little more to live here, that is.

  3. You will never have to worry about it being a nice day. Ah, what a feeling! With average temps ranging from 68 to 84, chances are you are going to love not having to worry about bringing along an umbrella or heavy jacket, especially if you live on the Westside. Feel like going for a run at high noon? No problem! Hello, lovely constant ocean breeze!
  4. There is always something to do. In fact it’s overwhelming! Options like whale watching, hiking Runyon Canyon, biking along the ocean or visiting the closest farmers market are just a few of the ideas. This weekend we are actually going kayaking. Let’s just pray we don’t actually fall in the ocean because the water is FREEZING!
  5. You never have to eat at a chain restaurant again. No offense to Chilis or Olive Garden, but having grown up in the suburbs most of my life, I have definitely had my fair share of chain restaurants. Jason and I are self proclaimed ‘foodies’ so one of our most favorite things to do is dine out at a new restaurant 5-7x a week. Check out our Eat + Drink section for some of our fave spots so far!
  6. There is a different city to suit every type of lifestyle and personality. One of the things I was surprised by the most was how the beach can look like one super long beach, when in fact it’s several (drastically) different ones. From Manhattan Beach to Venice to Santa Monica to Malibu and beyond. Each one has a unique and interesting vibe that you have to experience to understand. Well, maybe except Venice. It’s definitely an eclectic melting pot of well.. everything. Stay weird, Venice!
  7. You like surrounding yourself with people who also like to enjoy life. I’ll be the first to admit, LA is definitely not the most practical place to live. You could easily live in the south and probably pay half of what we pay and live in triple the space. But there is still a reason why 11 million people live here. Whether it was to follow their dream of becoming a famous actor, or because they have always wanted to live by the beach (raises hand) there is something inspiring about knowing that everyone here has the same feeling about living here that you do. Because they truly love LA and the life they live here.

Most importantly, before you make the trip be sure to do your research first. Don’t just show up and go to Hollywood expecting to see a red carpet filled with celebs (because you will be highly disappointed). Plan your days out, and give yourself time to travel.. because YES traffic IS that bad.

Needless to say, I highly recommend you experience LA at some point in your life. Who knows you may fall in love and start googling “How to move to Los Angeles” or you can click HERE and see how we seamlessly made our move!