What is & Why Did I Start Hasta La Vino?

Great question! I sat down one day and wanted to come up a with a new username for Instagram and other social media accounts. I have been using “jraencore” as my username since my first yahoo email account. That stood for “Jason R. Anderson” + “Encore” my favorite Jay-Z song at the time off the black album. This was an upgrade from “bigbody95” yes “bigbody95” was my username which paid homage to my Atl roots and was the name I had for my 1995 Chrysler New Yorker on DUBS… I kept that for nearly 10 years until Instagram came out and then I switched to GrandReve (which I also have tatooed on my arm) which loosely translated means “Dream Big” in French.

So short story long I couldn’t buy that domain name as it was already taken, and I had recently become infatuated with everything about wine after having my first full glass at around 28 (I was a beer & liquor type of guy before that). I was hooked with all the ins and outs and things you could never learn in a lifetime about wine. I then went on to watch “Somm” my favorite documentary. So after that I was thinking what could I come up with that was cool (to me at least), catchy and include wine (which I associate with all things fancy) and Wah-La (not sure on spelling) I came up with “HastaLaVino” which again loosely translates into “Until the Wine”. I got the username, and domain name and decided to just run with it. I also thought that wine is under appreciated in the hipster/cool kid world. Why is that I have to go to a club and pop champagne bottles or drink disgusting Ciroc Vodka. Why cant young 30 somethings get together at cool lounges with a nice bottle of Cab, listen to some music and just chill out. I want to change all that.

The why is basically I needed one place to collect all my random thoughts and ideas, until I could figure out a why to take all the useless information I have in my head and turn it into a bestselling book…

Who Am I? 

Jason R. Anderson born in October 82, in Rochester, New York. I’m the youngest of 9 kids (some full, some 1/2, some step) but there is 9 of us. I grew up in a 1000 sq.ft duplex which is now valued at $33,000 according to Zillow. My parents divorced and we moved to Atlanta, when I was 12. So when someone ask where did I grow up I just say Atlanta (specifically Decatur, GA). I started working when I was 13, and I joined the Air Force when I was 17 years old in June 2000. After almost 1 year of tech school I was sent to RAF Mildenhall in the UK as my first duty station, and landed in England Easter weekend 2011. It was all fun and games until 5 months 9/11 happened, and that changed my life path forever. My goal was to do 20 years in the Air Force, and retire when I was 37!


In 2003 I was sent back to the states and ended up at Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas, and in 2005 after 5 years I was finally done with the military. I then started working as a commission only door to door credit card processing salesperson, and actually did well with it. That moved me to Dallas at the end of 2005. In 2006 I met my beautiful wife Claire Anderson (Photographer) at a Club in North Dallas. She moved in 2 weeks later, and were married in 2008 and have been together ever since. We just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with a trip to France & Italy.

What I Do For a Living:

I feel this could be a blog all to itself, I feel my life has been a series of fortunate events leading to new opportunities that I was ready and willing to take advantage of. After building my real estate business for 5 years a competitor came in and made an offer to buy the business and wanted to turn it into a franchise. That got me started with a company called United Franchise Group and specifically Transworld Business Advisors back in 2012 while we were still living in Dallas, Texas. I became a traveling salesman selling franchises. I became rookie of the year with UFG that first year and in 2013 they asked me to move to Los Angeles to help take over the West Coast for sales and support. So my wife and I moved to Playa Vista ( a little area) right between LAX & Santa Monica. We lived there for 8 months when my company asked us to relocate to South Florida which we now live in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida (hour north of Miami). My current title is President of Accurate Franchising Inc (help people franchise their business or grow their current franchise) also I’m still the Director of Franchise Development for United Franchise Group.

Side Hustles:

I still own a real estate brokerage in Dallas & Austin Texas with a partner, and we have nearly 40 agents between the 2 offices. I also have a youtube channel  which I received my first 1099 last year for breaking 1M views on my channel. I also help my wife with her booming business which we have licensed out in Dallas http://www.claireandersonphoto.com.

My Education:

  • Electrical Engineering Degree from Community College of the Air Force
  • Associates from University  of Phoenix (i was one of the suckers back in 2006)
  • Bachelors from American Intercontinental University
  • MBA from American Intercontinental University
  • Marketing Certification from Cornell University
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
    • California Florida & Texas

My Claims to Fame:


My Better Half:

As I stated above my wife and I romantically met in a North Dallas nightclub that I heard about from watching the show “Cheaters” (true story). I walked in with a group of friends and she was there standing out like a shooting star (maybe the most romantic thing, I’ve ever said). Also manly because it was a 99% black club and she was obviously one of the few latinas in club (LOL). I was 23 and she had just turned 22 so we were just babies. We spent the whole night dancing, talking and drinking of course. 2 weeks later we were leaving together and 6 months later we were engaged. So fast forward 10 years and we have moved 10 times, lived in Texas, California and Florida traveled frequently and still hang out like were best friends.Well enough with the mushy stuff, if you want to know more about my amazing wife go to http://www.claireandersonphoto.com/meet-claire/ or follow her on https://www.instagram.com/claireandersonphoto/.

Hasta_la_vino_Jason_Claire copy

My Hobbies, Likes & Dislikes:


  • Reading (yes really)… I love Audible and set a goal to read 52 books per year. I pick a random topic like “self-help, religion…” and just run with it for at least 90 days.
  • Traveling – I’m so ADD and I love going to new place, planning extremely detailed itineraries and meeting new people. We try to travel as frequently as possible and even do day trips and simple weekend getaways. Learn more under Travel Section…
  • Learning (again yes really)… It may sound nerdy but if google had a test to implant a chip in your brain so i could use google in my head I would do it. I cant stand not knowing something, and have to look it up immediately. I also take at least one structured learning course every year.
  • Wine – Its so much to know and so many different types its one of the few things I feel like it would take me a lifetime to know everything about and something about that is just intriguing to me.
  • Randomness with the misses… Basically I love doing random things with the misses. Whether its swimming with the pigs, in the Exumas in the Bahamas, or going to a wine bar in the back of a gas station. Just doing something random as frequently as possible.


  • Cars… I just love them, I currently own a BMW 650 Convertible which I love, but before that I had a a Starwood Motors Bullteproof Jeep, custom Dodge Challenger RT, BMW 750li (which I hated, true story), 2 Cadillac Escalades (only car I owned twice) and a bunch more not worth mentioning. My dream car line up right now would be (Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Mulsanne, Rolls Royce Drophead, Porsche Macan S (for the misses) and a Monster Jeep)… That ought to do it for now…
  • Ralph Lauren – I just think everything about Ralph Lauren clothes (which is pretty much all I wear) is classy and timeless. Also he has a sick car collection.
  • Anything Fancy, or Uber Expensive… I just find it fascinating that people are so rich that they can afford to ship their yachts from where they live to the south of France or something. Or live in a $100M home, have private jets or just basically wipe their ass with money. I wouldn’t say I’m jealous, i’m simply intrigued on how I can get there myself…


  • Small talk and social niceties… I basically hate when people start off conversations about “hows the weather, or something about sports”…
  • Sports… I really could care less, it just seems like a waste of time
  • Plays… I’ve really tried I just find them extremely boring
  • Going into retail stores… Why do these still exist, if its not on Amazon or some other website do you really need it?
  • Driving… Kind of ironic since I love cars, I just find driving more than an hour or so to extremely boring and mundane
  • Wasting time… I feel down if I feel I wasted one day or even a couple of hours not learning something new or being productive
  • I’m not a multi-millionaire… This is probably my biggest dislike, I have made a million dollars in my life just not in one year, I simply feel stupid that I haven’t figured this out yet…

Role Models:

  • Richard Branson – This guy has made 8 billion dollar businesses in different industries and still lives like a Rock Star
  • Elon Musk – He sends things to outerspace and is creating a hyperloop, and oh yeah Tesla… Read his Bio http://amzn.to/1VK2j7o
  • Steve Jobs – the best biography I have ever read, he was simply a mad genius that got it all right.
  • Ralph Lauren – See Above, just classy
  • Jay-Z – Kept it real all this time but still successful
  • Larry David – This guy is a genius

Favorite Recent Books:

Favorite Movies:

  • Casino – Sam Rothstein is a G
  • Goddfellas – Classic
  • Godfather – Classic
  • All Mel Gibson Movies (even though he is a pyscho racist, his movies were great)
  • Fight Club

Favorite TV Shows:

  • Seinfield
  • Eastbound & Down
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Sopranos
  • Frasier
  • Friends
  • Currently just started watching “Mr. Robot”

Short Term Goals:

  • Learn Spanish & French
  • Buy Another House
  • Become 100% debt free

Long Term Goals:

  • Make the real Forbes List the Forbes 400
    • Thats my only long term goal.