So this was a choice I had to make between staying in Milan, Bellagio or Varenna. After reading several blogs I decided to stay in Bellagio for 3 days and spend 1 day in Milan vs staying in Varenna and here’s why.

Bellagio is beautiful, but somewhat remote to get to. From Milan we took a train to Varenna Esino and then a taxi down to the ferry and boat from Varenna to Bellagio and then a Taxi to our Airbnb (no taxi needed if staying at main street hotel, ferry comes right to the strip).

So why Bellagio over Varenna?

Basically I agree with many others that Varenna is prettier and has a better view but it has very limited dining and food options. So after hours you will be stuck eating the same thing every day if your there more than 2 or 3 days, in Bellagio we were able to walk to a different restaurant for every lunch and dinner, even though we did eat the same bfast everyday.

Also Varenna is easily accessible from Bellagio by a quick 10 minute ferry and you can soak up the views and walk the love bridge and then come back into Bellagio by night and have something to do.

Just my opnion…

Bellagio, Varenna and the whole Lake Como area is a must visit place. I was Blown away by the California mountains and ocean views until I came here...