Bellagio is beautiful and in my opinion better to visit than Venice, but like Venice beyond the natural beauty there is not much to do. I took this picture on my Samsung Note 4 of the famous Apertivo Wine bar on one of the main Via leading down to central Bellagio.

If visiting be prepared to walk 1-4 miles per day both uo and downhill. We took a tour with Lecco Food Tours and ended up walking 7 miles in one day! Yes 7 miles basically more than 2 5ks in one day. I would love to bring my parents back but fear the walkinh may be to much for them.

So now that I’m done with my tangent, I basically recomend walking around and getting lost and trying out as many restaurants and little shops as you possibly can. Also we did take a day trip using the FAST BOAT (be sure to use and ask for the FAST Boat) from Bellagio to Como which is the largest city on the lake but still take 1 hour via Fast Boat and 2 hours via the slow boat.

#BellagioItaly from a Camera Phone... Just WOW... Pictures just can't capture it...