You know, just a normal Friday night in #LA, with #Wine and a 10 piece #Mariachi Band and a personal serenade at our table… (at Casa Sanchez Mexican Restaurant)

The only thing bad I have to say about Casa Sanchez is that i found out about it only 2 weeks before I was moving away from LA. This place is hidden off Centinela in an unassuming building you would easily never notice or really ever have a reason to drive buy. Once inside its like you have been flow in a private jet to meet with your cartel buddies in Mexico City at their private villa. Service is unbeleivable, and be sure to schedule a time to go when you can watch the 15 piece Mariachi band serenade you with all your gringo favorites mixed with some traditional Mexican hits. The food was above average but the service and experience easily make up for any and all dislikes you may have from the menu. Having spent the last 8 years gorging on all the TexMex I could in Dallas this place holds it own and outshines easily any other mexican restaurants (or attempt there of) in all of Los Angeles.

Dont Take my Word For it, see for yourself that Casa Sanchez is the best Mexican Restaurant in LA:

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Traditional Mexican cuisine served in an upscale dining room with live mariachi performances.

Address: 4500 South Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Phone:(310) 397-9999