What & When:

Citizens Public House ~ July 16th, 2014 around 8:30pm

7111 E 5th Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Owners Description:

A contemporary, upscale version of the traditional public house nestled in Old Town Scottsdale serving craft beers, classic and contemporary cocktails and award-winning gastropub cuisine to a clientele hungry for exceptional food, provocative drink and new-fashioned fun. With its intimate patio, semi-private 12-seat dining alcove and lively public space, outfitted with mahogany accents, leather booths and a stainless steel-topped bar, this new-fashioned public house is sure to be the perfect hangout for the modern citizen.

Where Is It:

Citizen Public House is in the hip/trendy (just douche enough) area of Scottsdale called Old Town. If you haven’t been to Scottsdale than we probably cant be friends in real life…

Other than being 95 degrees plus everyday of the year I absolutely love Old Town Scottsdale. It offers a dope ass mix (yes, dope ass mix) of almost exclusively non chain (frowned upon) restaurants, sick bars like “El Hefe and Vegas Like Day/Night Pool Clubs aka Maya“.

Also to elevate your nightlife persona you can skip walking quarter mile radius of town and Uber around im style like your “P-Diddy on Making the Band”  “que dramatic intro song”.

Like every where in Old Town Scottsdale the entire crowd in Citizens Public House looks like recent Bachelor & Bachelorette cast offs (sorry no rose for you! ), with a few “SpringBreakers” looking chicks spread around.

Dimly lit (unless your some weirdo that goes before sunset) and an inviting bar dab smack in the middle of the restaurant, like a perched VIP lounge in Miami allowing you to be viewed by the commoners below. Everything seems to fit and just go well together.

The Food:

They had there summer menu on display, I was at first disappointed because my top choice Filet Mignon salad was missing (1st review/not 1st visit), so I picked a house garden salad ($7) with walnuts, goat cheese with a herb buttermilk dressing (Fancy ass name for “Ranch”). Hard to go wrong with this mix, they had some more adventurous starters but I wasn’t in a $$$ seared diamond crusted scallop mood. I was starving and scarfed this down like Piper’s 1st meal when Red started letting here eat again, for those to cheap to get Netflix, steal someones login and watch (Orange is The New Black).

This warmup dish made me even more hungry, so I did as requested and asked for a complimentary plate of warm bread and oil. After exceeding my annual carb intake goal, my main plate was served.

BUTTERMILK CHICKEN roasted Smart Chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, truffle oil, sweet corn-butter bean succotash, Pecornio {gf} 20

Other than just the fact I love saying “Sweet Corn, Butter Bean Succotash” in a seductive/creepy voice this just sounded Dee-Licous at the time. Also I have no idea and have been to lazy to google what the hell “Pecornio” even is. But we all know the easiest way to seem wealthy and educated is to just go along with things you don’t understand and act like its normal to you.

Its basically a chicken breast that has magically retained only its top layer of skin and cooked to damn near perfection and amazingly seasoned (they didn’t even have S&P on the table). Laid on top a bed of that SWEET, SWEET BEAN SUCCOTASH… it taste as good as it looked (my picture does not do it justice, my S4 takes shitty dark images and its frowned upon to use flash at a bar) so I cropped this image from Yelp. Even the “Pecornio” was prepared perfectly prepared (see how smart I sound, even though I have no idea what that is).

Portion size was just enough that after my salad, 6 loafs of bread and devouring this entire plate that I asked to at least see the dessert menu. The first item on the list was:

Pasilla de Oaxaca, tortilla chip ice cream, dulce de leceh

WTF Language is that even written in? Also the “Dulce De Leche” typo is there’s not mine which had my OCD mad enough to almost “Dine & Ditch”. Also I think the 1st ingredient is where my wife and I had to drive threw on our way to our Resort for our honeymoon in Mexico. Also the inner “Bobbys World” in me had me visualizing what Tortilla Chip Ice Cream would look and taste like…


The Wine:

I must say that I was impressed with the extensive wine list that Citizen Public House has. Since I was on a work trip/ and had already exceeded any chance of staying within my per diem I didn’t want to go crazy with a $300 bottle of wine. Which is what their top Joseph Phelps Insignia Cabernet, Napa Valley is going for these days. I opted for the less adventurous (fancy way of saying, cheapest wine on list) Hidden Crush Cabernet Sauvignon, California which was only $8 per glass / $27 Bottle. Not only was I being cheap but they only have 9 wines by the glass and this was the only New World/American wine under $10 on the list. This wine wasn’t that bad and once I saw it had a 3.7 rating on Vivino I seemed to like it even better.

CItizen Public House Wine Menu

The Verdict:

I’ll have to agree with the less sophisticated people than myself aka “Minions” who have posted reviews of Citizen Public House on Google, Yelp, Opentable, Tripadvisor and Urbanspoon. #CPH is defintely worthy of the nearly 4.5 out 5 stars that it has been given. However since there are so many Mountain View Restaurants that you could go to within a 30 minute drive of Old Town, I’m going to give Citizen’s a 4.5 rating also out of 5. That is still good enough to make it my favorite restaurant in Old Town / Scottsdale. So if you have 3-4 days, stay in Scottsdale preferably at “The W Scottsdale” to be sure that you can stayaway from the less attractive and poorer people at lesser Old Town diggs.

Bottom Line is get your Ass to Citizens Public House, pick out your favorite Douchey shirt, sip some fine as wine or perfectly crafted Mixed Drinks and be sure to dine with the best looking friends that you have!!!

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