Something cool must be happening @clairesobella

After spending the day in Palm Beach Gardens, we were looking forward to seeing the beach for the 1st time on our Florida trip. After opening up Google Maps the closest “named beach” we saw was Juno Beach. So we headed that way and at the end of the maps it put us an ocean front condo building (no public parking). So I parked illegaly in a tow away visitor zone (F#$K the Police) and we headed towards this Mystic (Narnia Like) tree lined walk way. The misses boldly walked through as I searched for alligators or a pending Sharknado that I thought may be coming. She was actually pointing at a Pier that was about a mile down the road that we eventually drove down to and parked at. On the way back out we spotted what to me looked like a 20 feet anaconda but was actually about a 3 feet black mamba looking garden snack… #WelcomeToFlorida