Keeping It Simple for Xmas Eve Eve… #PinotNoir #Wine x #Italian Food =

Not much to say here! After attending the Nutcracker in Fort Worth and gorging on Fajitas at Mi Cocina in Sundance Square I wasn’t exactly famished after sitting on my ass for 6 hours. With zero planning and no reservations I wanted something better than Chili’s or Olive Garden and less expensive then Capital Grill or Bobs Steakhouse. I also now that Maggianos has buy one/take one for free on all classic pastas.

So we stopped by, ordered a bottle of Estancia Pinot Noir, split the Lasagna with the MIL the misses had the light chicken fettuccini alfredo and took one to go. Later that night after reviving from my food/carb coma I decided to further induce myself by knocking off another plate of pasta while watching season 3 of “The Walking Dead”. Lasagna makes a great companion and resembles the sliced and stomped guts of the walkers and made for a great traditional christmas eve.