How to Spend One Day in Milan with Full Itinerary:

After spending 3 great day in Bellagio, Italy it was finally time to start winding down our 2016 European vacation. So i decided instead of trying to make it all the way from Bellagio to Milan Malpensa airport, why not spend a day in Milan exploring the city before going to get a hotel out closer to the airport (50 minutes by train). So here goes the detailed itinerary of how to spend one day in Milan and make the most of it.

Getting to Milan:

We were scheduled to take the train from Varenna to Milan but in Varenna we found a taxi service that offered to drive us all the way down to Milano Central since they were going down anyways for only 50 euros. This was a steal the previous quote I had was $240 euros, but the train is only about 10 euros each.

How to Spend One Day in Milan:

After arriving at Milano Central train station we stored our luggage at the Ki Point “Left Luggage” counter on the first floor of the Milan train station. We then walked out and down to the metro and bought a 4.50 euro each day pass for the metro rail. Here goes a great post by Crowded Planet on how to get around Milan on Public Transportation.

KiPoint Left Luggage Receipt

Ki Point Left Luggage Receipt

  1. Took the M2 Train from Milano Centrale to Garibaldi FS and walked to 10 Corso Como garden cafe for a light lunch, this was a quick and easy 10 minute ride to help get over using the Milan Public Transit system than a 5 minute walk to Corso Como.
  2. Sign up for BikeMi Milan Day Pass this was super cheap and allows a full 24 hour usage of all the BikeMi locations in and around MilanBikeMi Subscription
  3. Walk 10 minutes from 10 Corso Como to the Bike Mi 184 Station, input your username and password you set-up on the screen and take your bike and take a 3 minute ride into and around Parco Sempione, and enjoy all the sites, sounds & lush greenery that the park has to offer.Parco Sempione Bike Ride 2Parco Sempione
  4. Once you have spent some time going all around the park you can make your way over to the Arco Della Place exit at the park for a few pictures there. You can go ahead and turn your bike in at one of the 2 stations that are right at the entrance there, and walk over to Corso Sempione which is lined with a ton of great restaurants and cafes for some downtime before heading back out. Jazz Cafe is a great one that I would recommend.
  5. From there you can catch the #1 Tram from Corso Sempione to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and then walk through to the Duomo Di Milano.
    Duomo Di Milano
  6. After spending some time over by the Duomo you are now probably ready to cool off with the probably the best happy hour strip in the world… You can now head over to the Navigli District and you can put in Spritz Navigli which will take you right the start of the strip. The great thing about this areas outside of being beautifully situated on a man made canal is the fact that almost all of the happy hours are 10 euros and include an all you can eat buffet + your first drink free. To get there all you have to do is take the Tram #3 from Duomo di Milano area to Ventiquattro Maggio only a 10 minute ride or so.Milan Navigli District