La Familia getting ready to watch #Nutcracker #Xmas… @clairesobella making her Emoji Face:

Spending the holidays back in Dallas, my Mother in Law always wanted to go and see the Nutcracker. The Texas Ballet Theater happened to have an Xmas eve performance at 2pm. So we surprised my MIL by having here get dressed for a church service and then I drove over to Sundance Square (1 block over) to have lunch and a few midday drinks at “Mi Cocina”. After that we drove (yes drove) one block over to Valet at the theater. I was able to get a military discount on the tickets and had really great center/center floor seats for the show. This is my 3rd or 4th (somewhat) major ballet/broadway type show and I have to say I just dont get it. I love the enchantment of Cirque Du Soleil but just cant quite get the enchantment and awkwardness of the Ballet.

Also I hate to call out the elephant (or mouse) in the room but I found the male performers (white & unbelievably tight see through pants) downright ridiculous. I pride myself on being childish at times but its hard to enjoy a man prancing around stage with MIL while his package looks like it sealed in a vacuum shrunk package. LOL

For whatever it is worth my Mother in Law loved the show and it gave the misses a reason to get dressed up and mingle amongst the high society (if it exist) of Funkytown…