At the end of #WorthAve in #PalmBeach, it’s like #RodeoDr in #BeverlyHills but has cooler hidden cafes in hidden courtyards between buildings. (at Worth Ave Clock Tower).

So after living in LA and taking every person that visited to the Tourist Trap of Rodeo Drive I came into Worth Ave with high expectations. Not sure where I was going with that last sentence but lets get back to which is Better? Worth Ave in Palm Beach or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Worth Ave:

Worth Ave is unbelievably unassuming and is easily missed if you don’t know that it is there. I literally a year prior drove the A1A up to Palm Beach from Fort Lauderdale and stopped at the Clock Tower (pictured) and still didn’t know that grandeur of Worth Ave lurked right behind me. This last trip I specifically set out to spend sometime exploring this mythical avenue. The official description of Worth Ave is as follows:

“An enchanting resort destination in Palm Beach, Florida with European sophistication and inimitable style and grace, Worth Avenue is one of the most beautiful shopping venues in the country. The Avenue’s romantic vias and celebrated boutiques offer the best of both resort and designer fashion, accessories, gifts, art, antiques, fine and casual dining and home furnishings in a captivating atmosphere rich with old world charm and historical glamour.” from –

Rodeo Dr:

Rodeo is synonymous (always wanted to use that word) worldwide and signifies wealth, power and fame to anybody that hears the name. I must say that even after living there for 6 months I still felt somehow I was better than the other minions on planet earth every time I went to Beverly Hills, even if I was just trolling the area and getting my green chai latte boba tea from Urthh Cafe.  Other than apps at Bouchon Bakery, Urthh cafe, Coffee Bean and 2 dinners at Mastro I never had reason  since I was living on the westside/bestside/#CaliLife/#BeachLife/#FixieRiderLife to ever go to Beverly Hills unless I was showing it off to friends visiting as if I lived there or had some type of tie to it in anyway. I must say though that on your first visit most people are disappointed in Beverly Hills ie: Rodeo Drive it just seems unfulfilling in some way. You quickly realize that you have wasted your life and will probably never obtain what everyone around you seems to have, it basically can suck the soul out of you seeing the Bijam Bugatti sitting there in its $1.2M glory as the TMZ bus stops to allow tourist to take photos as seemingly endless parade of Bentleys, Ferraris & Rolls Royces roll by like they are being given away. Other than that LOL Rodeo Drive is great place if your loaded and can afford to shop there. Even if you are I would recomend flying to Europe into Venice then taking a limo taxi, staying at T he Bauers and shopping at the same stores off the Canal.

Description from

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills embodies all the glam of the big screen. Flagship locations for some of the most prestigious brands in the world are lined up, all polished and elegant! Even if you aren’t a shopper or if this doesn’t fit your price range, there is so much to fill your vision – almost a museum or architectural experience. For you fashion and trend lovers – this is Paradise!

Side by Side Comparison of Rodeo Dr vs Worth Ave:

Getting There:

  • Rodeo Drive = From the West you basically have to drive down Santa Monica Blvd or come up through Culver City, from the North/South you have to come via 405 through one of these routes. If you live East it is strictly forbidden for anyone from Los Feliz or Silverlake to ever wander into this forbidden land of non hipster douchebaggery laden grounds. All in all there is really no good way or scenic route to get there, you will inevitably drive through a rough patch of LA to get there that doesn’t make for a very scenic Drive.
  • Worth Ave = Drive up the A1A along the ocean and mega mansion until you see a (what should be bigger) clock tower at the end of an unassuming road. Turn down that unassuming road pass unassuming condos on both sides until you see a yacht store on the right and Gucci on the left. You are now at the golden gates of Palm Beach heaven.
  • Winner = Worth Ave

Initial Cool Factor:

  • Rodeo Drive = Rodeo Drive that you have always heard about and wondered what it should/would be like to visit
  • Worth Ave = probably never heard of it unless you have a rich uncle or retired golfer sugar daddy that has taken you to brunch there
  • Winner = Rodeo Dr

Things to Do Retail, Dining & Gawking:

  • Rodeo Drive = Once you get there I suggest parking at/around “The Montage” hotel, there is a great little courtyard and you can get a macaroon and coffee from Bouchon Bakery. Then you can head over to Rodeo Drive a few blocks over, and you immediately know that you have arrived. I recommend putting Bijam in as the destination to walk to 1st as that puts you in dead center of Rodeo and hopefully as always the $1M Bugatti is sitting outside for nothing more than showing off how $1M is nothing in Beverly Hills ( I still go look at it everytime i go). From the front door of Bijam head back to your left pass the LV store on the right to the a cool little curved block of more stores you cant afford to walk into. There are a few super trendy LA/BH style restaurants that I have yet to find one worth the hype, and a freaking Cheesecake Factory. Yes there is CF 1 block off Rodeo that to me kills the vibe and is there for the drones of people that werent ready for the 20 degree temp hike from Santa Monica and have tired of watching the RHOBH shop till they drop. Skip all these and just splurge and go to the top floor bar area of Mastros and post a pic online tagging yourself with all the BH, LA and Entourage Hashtags your heart desires. Entire experience can be done in 20 minutes and most are ready to move on.
  • Worth Ave = Unassuming and not having the stigma of RD I honestly did not  know what to expect. For this adventure you need to park down by Gucci/A1A and make your way up the street and take the time to go down each available alley way. I cant lie I was impressed with how many secret entryways and quaint european style restaurants there were. It is a photographers dream down these narrow pathways. We walked all the way up one side, down every alley and then all the way back down every alley on the other side. Not stopping to eat we still were able to spend nearly 2 hours just exploring all that Worth Ave had to offer in a 2 mile stretch
  • Winner = Worth Ave (no contest)


  • Rodeo Drive = You cant afford to shop here
  • Worth Ave = You cant afford to shop here
  • Winner = Tie


  • Rodeo Drive = Mastros & Bouchon Bakery are standouts but the likes of Cheesecake Factory and others make it all feel like a big movie set. Your expectations are just to high, nothing is to amazing food wise here, you will most likely never spot a celebrity at anyplace other than Mastros. Take a drive down to Fig & Olive on Melrose of the amazingly quaint Mari Vanna across the street from it
  • Worth Ave = Amazing one off quaint restaurants give it a much more intimate and authentic feeling than BH. Prices are about the same but I feel you will have a much more memorable meal here than anywhere around Rodeo drive.
  • Winner = Worth Ave

What Else to Do:

  • Rodeo Dr = It has the rest of LA, which offers beaches 30 minutes away, Runyon Canyon hiking 15 minutes away, my favorite museum in the world “Getty Center” with one of the best views rivaled only by that of the opposing view from Griffith Observatory, must see Greystone Mansion 15 minutes away.
  • Worth Ave = You can still go to the breakers for a drink or the ritz, head to City Place for dinner than out for Drinks at Roccos Tacos on Clematis and then walk over to Off The Hookah. This sums up the nightlife, and/or what to do or where to go in Palm Beach. You can find some nice restaurants but its the sheer size and scope of LA.
  • Winner = Rodeo Dr because of the rest of LA


  • Rodeo Dr = Its like that impulse buy that gives you instant gratification but somehow leaves you feeling hollow with buyers remorse soon after. Its much better posting about it or hashtagging to let all your lesser friends and family know that you are rubbing elbows with the LA elite and their not. But within 20-30 minutes you will be over it (I guarantee it). Its like the best looking girl that has zero personality and is only with you because they thought you really had or come from money. Its the girl that only looks good because of her extensions, designer makeup, fake eyelashes and Louboutin Pumps. Thank god you have the rest of LA to make up the time for your trip.
  • Worth Ave = Unassuming and at 1st underwhelming although I feel it aesthetically prettier than Rodeo Dr but  more of a natural beauty. It has all the same high end retail but mixes it up with Yacht and one of stores that could never afford to be close to Rodeo Dr in BH. The quaint and beautiful alley ways allow you explore each side street as I have only seen in Paris or Venice. You can literally go from brunch to the ocean in a leisurely walk.
  • Winner = (Worth Ave/3.5 & Rodeo Dr/2.5) Worth Ave is the winner between which namesake designer strip is the best